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To the entire ZERO WASTE community - donors, recipients, facilitators, volunteers and everyone else who directly or indirectly supports us or collaborates with us:

Through the ZERO WASTE Network, hundreds of thousands of families and people/beneficiaries are channeled monthly, hundreds of thousands of “equivalent meals” donated, reported and monitored that allow us to continuously measure the impacts of donations and the operations of our/your network available at

In view of the extraordinary circumstances that we are experiencing, measures to contain this pandemic that the world has not foreseen and are still unaware of its contours and developments, announced by Portuguese Government, will inevitably have consequences on the effectiveness and functioning of the ZERO WASTE Network, both due to the closure or decrease in activity on the donor side, as well as by the recipients who also close or decrease their activity and capacity to act.
We share with you all our enormous apprehension because we know perfectly well that in the near future not only will the needs/insufficiencies in the daily diet of these families and people covered by the network remain, but, most likely, it will increase.

We inform you that our/your ZERO WASTE Team will continue to function with all its management skills and tools for those who can and still want to keep donations and collections, as well as, we are available to support processes of redistribution of other goods and products that they come on one side and are lacking on the other, whenever our operational model serves, even with adaptations.

The ZERO WASTE network and model are already consolidated, but always attentive and in continuous improvement, so your ideas and suggestions are very welcome, whether in combating food waste that we already have together or in the valuation of other flows and goods.
To all of you who have contributed to this path since 2011, our enormous gratitude and recognition. This management and operation model of circular and collaborative economy that we create together is only possible with you, people and public and private partners, mobilized, committed, committed and responsible (socially and environmentally).

As a Citizenship Association and Movement, we believe it is appropriate to remember that without people there is no economy and people are, by their human condition, fragile and vulnerable (as this pandemic shows) with common basic needs that are not yet sufficiently secured by what we call for. that any decisions and political choices focus and prioritize the continuous improvement of the quality and dignity of life of the Portuguese, as people and as a community.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

It is a movement that is based on the principles of circular, social and sustainable economy, from DARIACORDAR - Association for the Recovery of Waste, founded in 2011 with the vision of avoiding waste. In the midst of the economic crisis, the ZERO WASTE Citizenship Movement was launched in 2012, with the motto “Portugal cannot be littered” by J.W.T. In 2017, with J.W.T. we presented the new signature “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed” and so we want to continue.

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