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Today, the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE GROUP officially communicates the 38 projects, personalities and organizations that, among thousands of applications and initiatives, stood out for their contribution and innovation in the areas of sustainability, ecology and environment, in the categories of Service, Product, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The ZERO WASTE 360 platform, which is based on the ZERO WASTE program, a brand of DARIACORDAR - Associação para a Recuperação do Desperdício, and JWT - J. Walter Thompson -, was developed in collaboration with ADDAPTERS & THE AD STORE PORTUGAL, design agency and digital communication, received the 1st prize, being recognized as “Sustainable Service of the Year 2019”.

ZERO WASTE 360 is a collaborative digital platform, which has the capacity to guarantee the development and management of all sustainability and Circular Economy processes tailored to companies, communities and cities, with social, economic and environmental impacts, aiming at future sustainability and efficient resource management throughout the production, distribution and consumption chain.

“We received this award with great joy and satisfaction. It is a huge recognition of all the work that we have been doing since 2011 and that we launched with our first campaign in 2012. Today we know that we can transform behavior and fight waste with our network present throughout the country. But we want to go further and for that we know that we must bring digital transformation also to sustainability and circular economy, with a new approach. This is the key to going beyond Portugal and being present worldwide with our model that today reaches thousands of families!”, says Paula Policarpo, President of DARIACORDAR.

“We are proud to deliver the Sustainability Service of the Year award and recognize ZERO WASTE 360 for its sustainability efforts,” said Maria Jimenez, Nomination Director, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE GROUP. “It was clear to our panel of judges that their vision and strategy will continue to produce results in order to create a more sustainable world! Congratulations!"

It was founded in January 2011. It is a non-profit association that aims to end waste through prevention, recycling and reuse. With the ZERO DESPERDÍCIO program, a brand of DARIACORDAR - Association for the Recovery of Waste and JWT - J. Walter Thompson -, it implemented the model of redistribution of food goods, channeling surplus production to families in need of food, complementing other forms of existing support. With a network present throughout the national territory, it has managed, until June 2019, to distribute more than 6.2 million meals, recovering more than 15.7 million euros and avoiding 7.5 thousand tons of waste and 39.6 tons of C02. Today it has over 600 entities in its partner network.

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission to recognize true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, business executives - those with experience and knowledge - judge the programs. The organization's unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards companies whose achievements are above those of their peers.


Media Relations:
André Arrátel Torrão
+351 918 239 713

Paula Policarpo
President Dariacordar
+351 937 146 305
Maria Jimenez
Chief Nominations Officer
Business Intelligence Group
+1 909 529 2737

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